What is the difference between executive, life, career & transition coaching and counseling?

Counseling is therapeutic, often working back in time to discover the source of your problems. Counseling helps you answer and resolve the question of “why.” Clients often seek counseling when they are struggling emotionally with an issue. Coaching is not therapy, although it supports the therapeutic process. Clients utilize coaching to help create a new outcome, working more with questions such as “what do you want to accomplish” and “what will it take to get there.” Coaching focuses on proactive language: “I choose to, I want to, I’m responsible,” instead of victim language: “I can’t” and “I have no control.”

What is the difference between executive, life, career & transition coaching and consulting?

Consultants are typically hired to give you the answers. Their value resides with a specific expertise that is needed to fix a problem. Coaches view you as the architect of your own life; therefore coaches are hired to guide you to your own answers. Although coaches pull from their experience and background to offer you insights, they challenge you to create results. These results are based on your own ideas and motivations, and the strategies you develop are described in your own words. The power of the coaching process is that it offers you a model for action that can be used again and again. Because you have developed answers from your personal strengths, you are empowered to continue from a base of new understanding.

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